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Good Practices

Expanding food supply capacity

Transfer new and existing agricultural technology (Action Plan No. 2-6)

Enhance capacities for research and developments (Action Plan No. 7-10)

Utilize fisheries resourcessustainably (Action Plan No. 14-17)

Enhancing disaster preparedness in agriculture

Developing rural communities

Confronting challengesin climate change and natural resource management

Disseminate promising farming practices to cope with climate change (Action Plan No. 30-35)

Promoting investment in agriculture

Improving agribusiness environment

Improving food safety practices

Global Food Value Chain


Social factors

Improvements of Agribusiness Environment

Measures to Climate Change


Natural Phenomenon

Food Security-related Data

Agricultural Production

Production(Major Grains and Animal Products)

Progress of Niigata Action Plan

Please click the link below to go to the Progress of APEC Action Plan and Success (Japan)

Progress of APEC Action Plan and Success (Japan)